Association for International Cooperation, Business Support Center “Silkway”

Association for International Cooperation, Business Support Center “Silkway” is an alliance of industrial companies of Russia and the Central Asia that aim to export to each other’s markets.

This is a discussion platform, where the representatives of public authorities, local governments, businesses and other individuals interested in improving the foreign economic activities get together.

The Association aims to provide strategic orientation of activities and common actions of domestic and foreign export-import enterprises in the markets of Central Asia and Russia.


Promoting sustainable increase in exports of goods and services of domestic enterprises and improve the import of foreign enterprises.


The Association was founded for the following tasks:

  • to promote cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals, public authorities;
  • to facilitate increased exports of goods and services of domestic enterprises;
  • to promote the interests of exporters to the necessary structures in Central Asia and other countries.

Membership in the Association is free. The decision on membership will be made by the Council on the basis of a completed application form which can be downloaded here.

The solutions of the Association fulfills Business Support Center "Silkway".


Name of the center is symbolic. For thousands of years, this famous road - the Great Silk Way - connected two major civilizations of that time - the Eastern and Western. For thousands of years on this road many caravans with expensive silk, exotic spices and precious stones moved. Along the road grew immense caravanserai, majestic mosques and madrassas.

Euro-Asian markets today have not lost their attractiveness for international goods and services producers.

The East is tricky. West also requires a special approach. For the successful promotion of its interests in Central Asia, Europe or Russia the business community must have an objective and timely information.

Today that man owns the world who owns the information. Do not have – means to make wrong decisions. Do not know how to use - means to work ineffectively. The result - really measurable in money damages of the company. To own means to have and to be able to use.

BSC "Silkway" is a confident and reliable guide to the Euro-Asian markets.

Our contacts: Tyumen, ul.Respubliki 250,, Tel.Nr: +7 (3452) 600014

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